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Please tell us your thoughts from the Lent Course

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Making use of the Internet as a church

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Posted by Ward Jones on 21/09/2012 12:52

Having set up this site why are folk not using it? Do we really have an understanding of how we might make use of church web-sites or do we just set them up because we think we ought to?

Posted by John Rainbow on 21/09/2012 15:44

We get about 300-350 people who go to out home-page. Once they get there the popular pages include the notice-board, the directions to us, the page that lets you e-mail us, the history and the plan. So certainly we have a few people who use it to find out about us and contact us.We get about 10 e-mails a month. Then it has a purpose for our members. We have an area where the week\'s notices and various other documents are stored - this isn\'t advertised. Some 70 of our families are on e-mail so get a notification whenever something is added to this page. The stewards also have a password-protected area for their documents. I\'m not sure that we get to the kids this way - they live a life where communications are all by mobile phone and social networking sites, a world that is terra incognita to the likes of me.

Posted by Malcolm Trigg on 22/09/2012 08:23

Going back to the original question I think it is a bit of both really. We set up the web site because, in this modern age where communication through the internet has taken over many peoples lives, it is essential we are part of this method of communication. Sadly, as John points out, we have yet to encourage people to speak up with their views but the number of visitors we get is quite encouraging. Many of our church membership does visit the site and, it would seem, so do visitors. This in itself does deliver the message there is a need for this service. I think John makes a good point about the young people, perhaps we should be getting them more involved in the web site design and maintenance. Some of the older members of junior church will surely have reasonable IT skills.

Posted by Richard Roe on 28/11/2016 16:31

As a former attendee of HMC many years ago I thought I might draw your attention to an article that has been written by a journalist concerning my first book. It may be that there will be some who remember the Roe family who lived in Green Lane and attended the church during the days of Revs Cook and Lewis. I remember taking part in the procession from the old Sunday School building to the new building next to the church in probably 1962. My parents moved to Hucclecote Road later on and lived next door to Robert and Shirley Harrison. I attach a link/web address for the article http://gatewaynews.co.za/lifes-ultimate-deadline/ With kind regards Richard Roe

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