Boys` Brigade

This time last year we were busy raising funds for a minibus, when in May we went down to look at a bus in Devon and on the way back decided to take a diversion home via Swindon to look at a bus at M4 Van Centre. The Salesman summed up the Minibus as a good runner but most people were put off by the colour. Anyway, the rest is history and we have our Green Minibus which has been used already for a number of camps and also competitions. We have also hired it out to other church organisation within Gloucester and several other people that we know personally, which is going towards the upkeep and any ongoing expenses. The bus is housed in Brockworth in a safe area, which we pay for on a monthly basis, but we can access it whenever we want. We also still charge ourselves or 7th Gloucester a nominal fee for using the bus which again is used towards expenses.

The Anchor Section is doing well and has increased to 8 members over the last few months. We have been joined by Becky Tawney who has children in 7th Gloucester and she has agreed to take on the leadership of the section. In the summer we had a recruitment campaign as part of the Hucclecote show and were lucky enough to gain a number of new members. Our numbers over the past couple of years in this section have been a concern and we are pleased we are now getting a return on our efforts, some of this is down to the enthusiasm that Becky is bringing to the section, along with Christine, Martin and Patrick. They also have Matthew Grimes from Company Section working in the section with the children and he is really enjoying working with this age group.

Junior Section has 14 boys in the section and they have taken part in a number of the battalion competitions. In September we joined 7TH Gloucester and 4th Cheltenham camping at the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre for the weekend and we all had an enjoyable time. In February we took a team down to the District competitions day in Yeovil and although not winning anything had a very good time. This year our Battalion camp is being held at Barton, near Weston Super Mare, in the May half term holiday and we have 4 or 5 boys attending.

Company Section has 10 Boys in the section as have taken part in the National Masterteam, Chess and Table Tennis getting to the 5th Round in the Table Tennis, and travelling to Reading and Kempston. We have also taken part in the Battalion Football, Ten Pin Bowling and the Swimming Gala. In October we travelled to Dunstable to take part in the National Ten Pin Bowling competition. Our summer camp is being held at Ringwood in the New Forest, with 7th Gloucester.

We currently have a group doing their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and they have their practice in April and their final in July. A silver Group are currently waiting to do their practice in August and we also have a group doing their Gold Award. A very busy time but a worthwhile award scheme.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31