Messy Church

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Each school holiday on one of the Tuesday's the church is buzzing with children, adults, babes in pushchairs, tables full of crafts and an air of expectation and excitement! It may not be your idea of church but for many families this is their church - Messy Church. They are invited to join in a Christian community where we introduce them to Jesus through hospitality, creativity, Bible stories and worship.

Themes we have covered this year have been -

'Are you a hungry caterpillar?' Reading the story ,making crafts on caterpillars and butterflies.

All the butterfly craft reminded us of the new life that we can have because Jesus died for us.

'He's got the whole world in his hands' was our summer theme for three afternoons,looking at different continents and making crafts linked to them. Each day there was a message about our world- that we are caretakers of this wonderful world and so must look after it. We need to share resources with everyone equally and show love to all.

'Colours' was our Autumn theme linking a different colour to a character in the Bible and exploring their story through a craft which was a challenge and an interesting session.

'Putting the Christ in Christmas' hopefully made them more aware of the true meaning of Christmas. After craft, singing and hearing the story we all sat down for our usual Christmas

bring and share tea thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

'All about love' was an obvious choice as our Messy Church was on February 14 th this year !

'Easter time' will be our theme this April.

Numbers aren't everything but since our last report we have had 73,81,99,86,78,81and 82 respectively at Messy Church. We thank God for this and that we are being given this opportunity to witness to so many. We ask for his continuing guidance as we meet. Thank you to all who help in any way to make this possible and we pray with your support it will continue to grow and more will come to know and love our Lord.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31