Jelly Totz

It's been another fun filled year at Jellytotz. Numbers have been a bit inconsistant since September after a few members left due to children starting preschool and Mums returning to work. There has also been a lot of bugs going round so the winter has been quiet but numbers are now on the increase. We still have a few regulars and we are grateful to those who turn up early and stay late to help put the toys out and clear away.

We have babies and toddlers of all ages joining us although not so many young babies in recent weeks so hope to see an increase in the future. We have mums, dads, grandparents and childminders bringing children from around the local area.

We are grateful to the ladies who help with the craft activities and refreshments. It means a lot to many of the grown ups to be able to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee! The children also love the crafts, this year we have made some brilliant pictures with paper, stickers and material including boats on the sea and autumn trees. One week we even decorated cakes and the baskets to carry them in. Not sure how many cakes made it home though!

We end each session with singing and nursery rhymes and have started to give out musical instruments which the children have really enjoyed.

We've recently had some toys donated and are happy to receive any unwanted toys, puzzles and books to update our collection.

The children really enjoyed their visit from Father Christmas, our Light Party and Treasure Hunt, Summer Party and also our Easter Egg Hunt. We hope to repeat these events this year.

We would also like to thank the church for it's continued support. We welcome any new members so please recommend us to friends and family with babies and toddlers. We're open on Mondays excluding bank holidays 10-11.30. It's £2.50 each week for up to 4 individuals. We just ask childminders to get in touch if they are bringing more than 3 children.

And now I make all thihngs new. Rev 21:5